New Facebook Group Supports Removal of Chillicothe Red Light Cameras and Speed Cameras Important Chillicothe Red Light Camera Meeting-City Council is Trying to Deny Citizens Right to Vote
Aug 27

I find that several people arrive at this sight daily searching for “What happens if I do not pay” Redflex’s ticket (followed by Heath or Chillicothe). The short answer is Redflex doesn’t get their money.

I am not a lawyer, and I do not pretend to be a lawyer. I have heard from several people who have received tickets in Chillicothe, Ohio that have not paid their red light camera tickets. The way that they explain it is the fine is $95 so they say it is not enough to get reported to credit bureaus. Several people have had rather aggressive collections notices sent to them, but again they say it cannot be reported on your credit. I do not know this to be fact. If you have any questions, I would contact a lawyer and ask if this is fact (I have contacted a lawyer in the past and got free advice over the phone, believe it or not).

As I understand it, traffic tickets from red light cameras and speed cameras in Heath, Ohio are $100 and may be reported on your credit history if not paid. Again, you may want to contact a lawyer and ask if this is true.

Whether an unpaid red light camera ticket or speed camera ticket can be reported on your credit history or not has not stopped a huge number of people from not paying them. Some say it is easily worth 7 years of a minor blemish on their credit to keep from paying Redflex. Redflex has actually reported a decrease in profits, due in large part to motorists who refuse to pay their automated enforcement tickets.

Again, If you have any questions about your red light camera ticket or speed camera ticket, call a lawyer and ask questions. The very worst a lawyer can tell you is that they do not give legal advice over the phone (or for free). If one lawyer tells you that they will not talk to you, call another lawyer.

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