Nov 03

Cleveland voters have the chance to end the violation of their constitutional rights by the city!  If passed, issue 35 will end the red light and speed camera program in Cleveland.  Almost every city that has had the opportunity to vote on red light and speed cameras has banned them.

It is great to hear the Chief Liar of the City of Cleveland (Mayor Frank Jackson)  talk about how the program is not about revenue, but he immediately states “I just know that I’ll be short 6 million dollars.” In 2013, the red light cameras and speed cameras in Cleveland raked in $5,790,566.  Mayor Jackson says that the cameras are like adding 60 police officers.  What a lie!  Adding 60 police officers is the only thing that is like adding 60 police officers!  A red light camera will watch a drunk driver run a red light, but do nothing to remove the threat from the road!  Its ONLY purpose is to take a photo and make the person pay, all the while denying them the opportunity to argue their case in front of a judge or jury.

Voters in Cleveland are urged to vote YES on issue 35 to ban the red light cameras and speed cameras that have robbed residents of tens of millions of dollars!

Nov 09

I’ve received a few questions about the cameras on the traffic lights in the Belden Village area.  People want to know if they are red light cameras or if they are speed cameras.  With Stark County facing huge budget problems, people assume that the county commissioners have instituted an automatic ticket generating scheme to increase revenue.  Do you wonder why people think this?  They assume that politicians are using cameras to raise money because that is what politicians all over America do all of the time.

Well, my friends, you may breathe easy. The cameras on the traffic lights in the Belden Village area are not ticket generating cameras. These cameras are replacing the loop detectors in the roadway that change the traffic light when you approach. The County is upgrading the traffic light system in the Belden Village area. These cameras are nothing to worry about, as they are not red light cameras or speed cameras. These camera based systems for changing traffic lights are more sensitive to motorcycles and other small vehicles, resulting in less delay when one is in front of you at a traffic light. These systems are cheaper to maintain when one fails, as the roadway does not have to be cut up to replace one. The advantages are many to this type of system for changing traffic lights.

For more information from another city that has installed this cameras system, see the link below.


Aug 30

There will be a special meeting of the Ross County Board of Elections at 8 p.m. Wednesday September 2, 2009 at the Ross County Service Center’s large conference room, 475 Western Ave.

If you value your rights as Americans, you need to attend this meeting. There needs to be a packed house ad corrupt politicians are trying to take away your rights. Chillicothe Citizens have spoken. They followed the law and submitted signatures on ballots to pass a law banning red light cameras and speed cameras. Show your support and attend the meeting on Wednesday!

The reason for this meeting is that Redflex and City Council in their greed, are trying to remove the initiative from the ballot that will remove the red light cameras and speed cameras from Chillicothe. This is just a ploy to try to collect more revenue from the citizens of Ross County. The City and Redflex are planning on fighting this in court to help delay the vote and collect more money from the cameras until the courts rule (and they will) in favor of the citizens of Chillicothe.

All that the Residents want is a chance to vote on the cameras. If City Council thinks that the red light cameras are so great, then let the issue go on the ballot. If voters agree, they will keep red light cameras and speed cameras. City Council and the Mayor know that they have sold their soul to Redflex and that the cameras are gone, and so are they. This is just a power play to grab a few more bucks on the way out.

Aug 27

I find that several people arrive at this sight daily searching for “What happens if I do not pay” Redflex’s ticket (followed by Heath or Chillicothe). The short answer is Redflex doesn’t get their money.

I am not a lawyer, and I do not pretend to be a lawyer. I have heard from several people who have received tickets in Chillicothe, Ohio that have not paid their red light camera tickets. The way that they explain it is the fine is $95 so they say it is not enough to get reported to credit bureaus. Several people have had rather aggressive collections notices sent to them, but again they say it cannot be reported on your credit. I do not know this to be fact. If you have any questions, I would contact a lawyer and ask if this is fact (I have contacted a lawyer in the past and got free advice over the phone, believe it or not).

As I understand it, traffic tickets from red light cameras and speed cameras in Heath, Ohio are $100 and may be reported on your credit history if not paid. Again, you may want to contact a lawyer and ask if this is true.

Whether an unpaid red light camera ticket or speed camera ticket can be reported on your credit history or not has not stopped a huge number of people from not paying them. Some say it is easily worth 7 years of a minor blemish on their credit to keep from paying Redflex. Redflex has actually reported a decrease in profits, due in large part to motorists who refuse to pay their automated enforcement tickets.

Again, If you have any questions about your red light camera ticket or speed camera ticket, call a lawyer and ask questions. The very worst a lawyer can tell you is that they do not give legal advice over the phone (or for free). If one lawyer tells you that they will not talk to you, call another lawyer.

Aug 27

A new group has been formed on Facebook to support the efforts of Citizens Against Photo Enforcement. The Facebook group is located at Ban Red Light Cameras in Chillicothe and is intended to support the efforts of the C.A.P.E. website at

Join the facebook group if you support the removal of Redflex’s red light cameras and speed cameras in Chillicothe, Ohio. If you have received a ticket from the red light cameras or speed cameras, leave a comment and let me know how you were treated at your “hearing.”

Aug 22

Do you live in a city that has Speed Cameras and Red Light Cameras. Does your city hand out speeding tickets using technology like photo radar? Speed Cameras are popping up all over the world as cities feel the pinch financially from the sagging economy. Speed camera vendors promise riches beyond a mayor’s wildest dreams. Speed cameras hand out speeding tickets that are impossible to defend, as the city does not have to prove that you were driving a car, simply owning the car is enough to convict you EVEN IF YOU CAN PROVE YOU WERE IN ANOTHER COUNTRY. Tickets from speed cameras in Ohio usually require that you pay a fee just to have the right to fight your ticket in a hearing held by the very people that stand to benefit financially if you are convicted.

If speed cameras and red light cameras are a nuisance to you, there is help. Trapster is an application that you run on your GPS enable mobile phone. Trapster allows you to report the location of speed cameras, red light cameras, active speed traps, and places where police usually hide. Trapster is legal in all states, as it is not a radar detector, or text messaging.

Trapster works as drivers pass a speed camera, speed trap, red light camera, or frequent police hiding spot, the driver hits a button on the phone reporting the speed trap. The location and type of threat is uploaded to the Trapster database. All other drivers passing the speed camera or other threat will be notified with a voice warning and will see the threat on the moving map.

Trapster can be updated by users on their PCs at home too. If you pass a speed trap on the way home and cannot update from your phone, you can still let other drivers know about the speed trap.

If you drive in the area of speed cameras, photo radar, red light cameras, or areas where speed traps are a problem you should run Trapster on your mobile phone. It is free, information is kept current, and it is much cheaper than a speeding fine, attorney fees, and experiencing the miscarriage of justice that speed cameras dish out daily.

Trapster Official Website

Aug 22

Well, it looks like the panic is setting in at Redflex and they are paying huge amounts of money to fight the ballot initiative in Chillicothe to remove the red light cameras and speed cameras. This company will stop at nothing to maintain the ability to steal from the citizens of the USA. will be devoted to helping the citizens of Chillicothe fight the propaganda from Redflex and the City of Chillicothe until the red light cameras and speed cameras are successfully removed.

There will be an meeting with the board of elections to discuss the initiative to remove the red light cameras and speed cameras. The city has scheduled this meeting during a time when most Americans are at work, so that it will appear that this initiative has no support. Details are below.


Redflex along with the City of Chillicothe has filed to stop the red light cameras from going on the ballot. But why wouldn’t they ? They are taking money out of our pockets to benefit them , there is no safety concerns.

They are angry because citizens are speaking up and not allowing them to do as they please. Citizens are demanding a VOTE.They are angry because when this passes the Mayor and Council will not be able to vote Redflex or traffic cameras back into town. They will still able to vote on issues JUST NOT THE CAMERAS AGAIN.

Donations needed: Make checks payable to CAPE and mail to treasurer at 1060 South Fayette St. Washington Court House ,Ohio 43160
Or call 740-505-0811 for cash donations

Thank Citizens for your support, we speak for freedom to VOTE.

Our law enforcement will still be able to use radar , but to use this, there must be an officers present or at the location. This assures our law enforcement a job.

America stand together ! We are getting people from everywhere donating money to fight this. Everyone help speak up for your rights.

Be here Monday Aug. 24Th 12 noon at the board of elections, conference room B ,Chillicothe. Everyone from everywhere show up to express your concerns and opinion. Make it a Huge turn out; take the day off to make sure your rights remain, the big company’s from out of town/country do not take over our town.


Donations needed: make checks payable to CAPE and mail to treasrer at 1060 South Fayette St. Washington court House, ohio 34160
Or call 740=505-0811 for cash donations
Citizens thank you for your support, CAPE standing up for freedom and demanding A VOTE.

Do not let the city get away with this. Show up at the meeting and speak up for your rights. The organizers of the petition drive have been required to follow Ohio law in obtaining signatures. The City is required to follow Ohio law and place the initiative on the ballot. I believe that the City is engaged in stall tactics, knowing they will lose a court challenge, but if it allows them to collect illegal fines for six more months until a new election is held, then they do not care what the law says. Citizens of Chillicothe, show up for this meeting and let the City know you will not allow them to disregard the voters’ wishes!

For more information on the fight to remove red light cameras in Chillicothe, see the Citizens Against Photo Enforcement forum.

Jun 30

Tomorrow, July 1, 2009, the speed limit for trucks on the freeways in the State of Ohio will become 65 miles per hour.  I am not a truck driver, but I have experienced being stuck in the right lane due to high traffic, and being stuck behind a truck that was doing the old speed limit of 55.  I think that having a split speed limit is unsafe.  I have seen a few accidents from cars closing on trucks faster than they thought.

The real reason for this post is to celebrate that the provision for speed cameras in Ohio construction zones was removed from the very same bill that raised the speed limit for trucks on Ohio freeways.  You can be sure that lawmakers, who are being wined and dined by Redflex, will try to sneak photo radar onto Ohio freeways again.  Redflex lobbyists  will tell of the millions of dollars that can be added to the budget, which is the language of Columbus.  Ohio needs an outright ban on photo enforcement and the violations of due process that come with these red light and speed cameras.

Jun 30

The residents of Heath, Ohio were surprised to find that the Mayor and City Council had entered into a rush agreement with Redflex to install red light cameras and speed cameras while nobody was watching. The first clue to the public that an agreement had been struck was when red light cameras and speed cameras started appearing on the streets. The mayor made a public announcement to the press AFTER the red light cameras were installed and the City was locked into an agreement with Redflex. I guess he thought that the public would do as they did in Canton and shoot down the red light cameras before they were installed.

All that has happened in Heath, Ohio is that the residents are fighting mad. Business owners are mad, and for good reason. If I had to have a sign made and I had a choice between a business in downtown Heath, Ohio or a surrounding township or city that did not have red light cameras, I would choose the camera free location even if I had to drive 5 miles further. Why risk a ticket that can make my sign $100 more than if I purchased elsewhere. Signs are not the only example, it was just a convenient example. These cameras are at lights that have the bare minimum yellow light time allowed by law and you risk getting a ticket anytime you travel into Heath, Ohio, making doing business there undesirable.

If you are a Heath, Ohio resident and a registered voter and you would like to help remove the red light cameras by signing a petition, you are urged to call Duane Goodwin of DR. Signs at 740-522-4289.  Do not let the red light camera scam continue in your city.  We defeated the cameras in Canton, Ohio before they were installed, but we were prepared for a fight.  These cameras deprive you of many constitutional rights and you should not stand for them.

Mar 24

Last night, Canton City Council voted 11-1 against the legislation to install red light cameras and speed cameras in the City of Canton.  The defeat was expected, but to have one person vote for the legislation was unbelievable.  

The lone yes vote was from ward 2 democrat councilman Thomas West.  Mr. West stated that he voted his conscience.  He said that he had heard from the senior citizens and elementary school students in his ward that they wanted the red light cameras.  This man must have the smartest ward in all of Canton.  If elementary school students are writing letters and phoning their councilman at the age of seven, there is great hope for the future of Canton.

The above story is how Mr. West portrays his vote.  My guess is that he wanted the money that these red light cameras and speed cameras would produce, but since they are a political hot potato, he did as all politicians do, he blamed it on senior citizens and children.  Remember in the 1990s when the republicans took the house and senate?  Everything that the democrats did during that time was because the republicans wanted to “starve kids and kill old people.”  Republicans have had their own share of “for the kids” moments too.  The truth is, these laws are seldom “for the kids” or “for the senior citizens,” but who can possibly be against something if it “benefits” our most vulnerable population, the children and senior citizens.